Let's See What ArcMap Can Do (GIS 3015/3015L- Cartographic Skills)

With module 4, focus was shifted from creating a map using mostly Adobe Illustrator to concentrating more with ArcMap. This I thought would be more familiar territory, however, it certainly makes you miss the ease of AI!

For this exercise, we were tasked with creating a map of the public schools of Ward 7 in Washington D.C. Not only this, but applying cartographic design principles learned in lecture. The goal was to create a map with appropriate visual hierarchy and weight. This was accomplished by applying contrast, figure-ground, and balance principles.

The lighter shade of gray was chosen for Ward 7 and the adjoining areas of Washington D.C. are in a darker shade. This can also be seen in the inset map. By applying this, the area is more emphasized and shifts attention to it. This also assists in the figure-ground principle since the schools and major roadways become more prominent.

Balance was achieved by placing map elements in the remaining space available. The title and inset map hold more importance than the legend and further information such as the north arrow, scale, and data sources hold less.

Overall, I feel confident with this map. However, I have begun to notice the more I'm introduced to varying styles of maps, the more things I wish to change when looking back at previous en-devours. The book for the course stated that it's important to have exposure to more maps, allowing for a greater mental database. This has started to ring true, since over the past couple of months I've certainly been exposed to more and more maps.